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Programs for Wednesday, November 26, 2014
12:00 AM
The Wendy Williams Show LOL (TV-PG) Stand-up comic Joy Behar talks about her show "Joy Behar: Me, My Mouth and I"; chef Clinton Kelly shares tips on making everything run smoothly on Thanksgiving.
1:00 AM
Comics Unleashed (TV-PG) Comics Poppy Champlin, Andres Fernandez, Red Grant and Paul Morrissey.
1:30 AM
Right This Minute (TV-PG) The interactive news program presents video from eyewitnesses around the world, revealing the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.
2:00 AM
Urban Theater: Leeding Zeros
2:30 AM
Access Hollywood (TV-PG) Angelina Jolie at the "Unbroken" London premiere; part two of Gwyneth Paltrow's exclusive "goop" interview; the hosts visit the set of "Pitch Perfect 2."
3:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Uncle Steve (TV-PG) Lovita and Regina give Steve's wallflower of a niece a makeover, and she blossoms into a looker and gets more than a second look from Romeo.
3:30 AM
The Middle The Graduation (TV-PG) Graduation day is fast approaching and the tension builds between Axl and Frankie when he ignores her invitations to the graduation party.
4:00 AM
Bridezillas Kelli; Karen (TV-14) A belligerent bride-to-be battles with her seamstress and berates members of her wedding party; a near-drowning threatens to derail a wedding reception.
5:00 AM
5:30 AM
Are We There Yet? The Thanksgiving Episode (TV-PG) Family and friends have gathered at the Kingston-Persons' residence for a potluck Thanksgiving, but Suzanne has misplaced the most important part of the meal.
6:00 AM
The Middle The Wonderful World of Hecks (TV-PG) A series of misfortunes threatens to overwhelm any of the fun the Hecks were hoping to have at Walt Disney World during their hard won vacation.
6:30 AM
Beautiful Homes & Great Estates Harbor Island Estate (TV-G) In-depth tours of magnificent homes and properties feature interviews with the experts who built and designed them, as well as the owners who now enjoy them.
7:00 AM
News 3 This Morning (encore) A re-broadcast of this morning's news featuring Charlotte Deleste, Deana Wright and Haddie McLean.
8:00 AM
News 3 This Morning (encore) A re-broadcast of this morning's news featuring Charlotte Deleste, Deana Wright and Haddie McLean.
9:00 AM
The Real It's Hump Day with Fran Drescher (TV-PG) Actress Fran Drescher joins the show; Jeannie, Adrienne, and Loni share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes; Angela Spicer visits the show.
10:00 AM
The Balancing Act (TV-PG) Beth and Kristy share advice for grooming pets in the home; other topics include higher education opportunities in Canada and losing weight naturally.
10:30 AM
The Balancing Act (TV-PG) Beth and Kristy discuss Billy Graham's Operation Christmas Child; other topics include dairy-free cheese alternatives and the latest treatments for hammertoe.
11:00 AM
Fix It & Finish It Grandma's Porch Swing (HD, New, TV-G) Newlyweds Patrick and Rachel spent their entire renovation budget on the interior of their home, but they did not have the money to finish their front porch.
11:30 AM
Flip My Food with Chef Jeff Dude Ranch (New, TV-G) Chef Jeff visits a dude ranch, where he prepares his healthy campfire breakfast, a cowboy filet that cuts the fat, and a fresh fruit margarita.
12:00 PM
Divorce Court Johnson vs. Rodgers (TV-PG) Khiery and Erin met and fell in love while attending college, but Khiry feels that he is indebted to Erin after she helped him through the death of his brother.
12:30 PM
Divorce Court Jalali vs. Jalali (TV-PG) Mahan cannot trust Melissa ever since he found out she had a love affair with another man while he was working out of town to support her.
1:00 PM
Lauren Lake's Paternity Court Markham-Love v. Tucker/Gholston (HD, New, TV-14) A woman from Sacramento, Calif. wants a paternity test to find out who is her biological father after her mother admitted to cheating with the "pizza man."
1:30 PM
America's Court with Judge Ross (TV-PG) Former California judge Kevin Ross presides over small claims court cases, offering advice to litigants and explaining the consequences of their transgressions.
2:00 PM
Judge Faith 5 Months in Hell (New, TV-PG) Two former roommates had their friendship ruined as they began to fight over money, and the woman claims that the man had a drinking problem.
2:30 PM
Judge Faith Bedbug in a Bottle; The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing (TV-PG) A woman is suing her landlord after she suffered a bedbug infestation; a couple is suing their cousin for defaulting on a wedding ring they financed together.
3:00 PM
Intelligence for Your Life Hosts John Tesh, Connie Sellecca and Gib Gerard anchor a television show that revolves around building stronger minds and lives.
3:30 PM
Intelligence for Your Life Hosts John Tesh, Connie Sellecca and Gib Gerard anchor a television show that revolves around building stronger minds and lives.
4:00 PM
Hot Bench Hostile Living Environment?; Dog Gone Crazy! (New, TV-G) A woman claims that her former landlord put her in an unlivable situation, and demands he return her deposit, and pay for the pain he caused her.
4:30 PM
Hot Bench Mother Daughter Pile-Up!; Graveyard Shift Grief! (New, TV-G) A woman and her daughter swear that a motorcycle driver crashed into the back of them, while she claims that they were the ones who backed into her.
5:00 PM
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Wanderlust (TV-14) Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate a landlady, her boyfriend and her teen daughter after a travel writer is found bludgeoned to death in his apartment.
6:00 PM
Forensic Files Saving Face (TV-14) The work of a forensic artist and advanced DNA profiling techniques prove instrumental in solving the case of a woman who disappeared without a trace.
6:30 PM
Forensic Files Sphere of Influence (TV-14) A girl is feared to have become the victim of nature when she goes missing in Alaska but her body is found with gunshot wounds.
7:00 PM
The Walking Dead Judge, Jury, Executioner (TV-14) Dale begins to believe that the group is relinquishing their humanity to ensure their survival; Carl's actions result in a series of unforeseen events.
8:00 PM
The Walking Dead Better Angels (TV-14) A potential threat has managed to come dangerously close to disturbing the peace that nearly everyone has been able to find at the farm.
9:00 PM
The Dr. Oz Show Robin Roberts: The Decision That Saved Her Life (New, TV-PG) Doctor Oz speaks with Robin Roberts about her recovery from breast cancer and the chemotherapy treatment that might have led to her blood and marrow disorder.
10:00 PM
Anger Management Charlie Gets Romantic (TV-14) Charlie and Kate find that their relationship has become awkward after they have sex, resulting in Kate setting him up on a date after he asks to take her out.
10:30 PM
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Disappearing Acts (TV-14) The detectives struggle to close a sexual assault case after discovering that their prime suspects are a father and a son who are in witness protection.
11:30 PM
Access Hollywood (TV-PG) Billy Bush and team of correspondents cover the latest news and events from the entertainment world.
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