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Programs for Tuesday, August 19, 2014
11:30 PM
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Screwed (TV-14) Detective Tutola decides the time has finally come for him to sort through the many unresolved issues involving his delinquent nephew, Darius.
12:30 AM
Cold Case Files Baby for Sale; The Barrel (TV-14) Detectives investigate the murder of an infant; a man discovers that a human body has been hidden inside of a barrel placed in the crawlspace of his home.
1:30 AM
The Middle TV or Not TV (TV-PG) Frankie and Mike cut out cable television, but they have trouble adjusting; Brick and his friends are forced onto the playground during recess.
2:00 AM
'Til Death Let's Go (TV-PG) Eddie tries to rush to get to Whitey's surprise party for his grumpy uncle, but Joy, Doug and Ally all take their time getting ready instead.
2:30 AM
Cash Cab (TV-PG) Unsuspecting passengers get the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars when they hail an ordinary-looking taxi and answer questions correctly.
3:00 AM
The Trisha Goddard Show I've Told You For 37 Years... I'm Not Your Father (TV-14) A man has claimed for 37 years that he is not a woman's father; a woman wants to find out of a 19-year old boy is her father's son.
4:00 AM
Paternity Court Diaz v. Mendoza (TV-14) A woman from Lorenzo, Texas wants a DNA test to find out the identity of her biological brother, despite her adoptive mother calling it a wild goose chase.
4:30 AM
Divorce Court Mizell vs. Mizell (TV-PG) A couple faced with issues regarding immaturity, trust and cheating comes to a crossroads, as Stacie feels Travis would rather come home to a girlfriend.
5:00 AM
The Wendy Williams Show #FutureOnWendy! (TV-PG) Musician Future visits the show to give Wendy the story behind his engagement to Ciara, and performs songs "Honest" and "Move that Doh."
6:00 AM
Are We There Yet? The Michelle Obama Sweater Episode (TV-PG) Lindsey uses her mother's credit card to order an overpriced outfit resembling the First Lady's; Kevin pretends to be ill to get a signed baseball jersey.
6:30 AM
MyDestination.TV (TV-G) Beverly Hilton; Ritz Carlton; Jet Air.
7:00 AM
News 3 This Morning (encore) A re-broadcast of this morning's news featuring Charlotte Deleste, Deana Wright and Haddie McLean.
8:00 AM
News 3 This Morning (encore) A re-broadcast of this morning's news featuring Charlotte Deleste, Deana Wright and Haddie McLean.
9:00 AM
Cold Case Files Sex, Lies and Murder (TV-14) Authorities from a small town in Kansas embark on a 15-year manhunt for a killer with a penchant for engaging his female victims in sadomasochistic activities.
10:00 AM
Divorce Court Johnson vs. Rimson III (TV-PG) Crystal worries she and Robert rushed into their marriage after discovering three separate affairs that he has had throughout their union.
10:30 AM
Judge Alex Klein vs. Hummel (TV-PG) Two women dispute money that was loaned when one of them offered to help with the cost of a horse, but the repayment checks are claimed to have bounced.
11:00 AM
'Til Death The Perfect Couple (TV-PG) Eddie and Joy befriend a new couple, but Joy feels left out and Eddie tries to help; Kenny starts a new job as a supermarket sample salesman.
11:30 AM
Roseanne Five of a Kind (TV-PG) Dan is hosting his usual poker game when Roseanne bumps into Arnie, who confides to her and gives her a kiss after a talk, leaving her to question his motives.
12:00 PM
Roseanne Boo! (TV-PG) Friends and family members help the Conners transform their home into the scariest house on the street; Dan and Roseanne become engaged in a prank war.
12:30 PM
The Middle The Paper Route (TV-PG) Brick takes a job as a newspaper delivery boy to buy night vision goggles; Axl tries to convince Sue that a long-distance relationship won't work.
1:00 PM
Judge Alex Edwards vs. Catala (TV-PG) A woman claims that her ex-husband stopped making payments on her car as he had agreed to do, and started spending that money on another woman.
1:30 PM
Paternity Court Clark v. Propst (TV-14) An Atlanta, Georgia man wants a paternity test to determine if his girlfriend's daughter is his, or a man who had subsequently been murdered.
2:00 PM
The Test Daughter's Deception or Mother's Resentment (TV-14) A seventeen-year-old whose relationship with her mother has been on the rocks after being hit with a belt buckle; a mother begs her son to get off the drugs.
3:00 PM
Bridezillas Besa; Jon (TV-14) At her wedding rehearsal, Bessa is kicked out because of her rudeness; stressing out on the day of his wedding, Jon threatens the wedding planner.
4:00 PM
The Wendy Williams Show Hot Topics (TV-PG) From "The Face," host and supermodel Naomi Campell discusses her thoughts on marriage and children, and teaches Wendy how to walk like a supermodel.
5:00 PM
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Damaged (TV-14) When a dead 6-year-old girl tests positive for a sexually transmitted disease, the detectives suspect the boyfriend of the girl's older sister.
6:00 PM
Access Hollywood (TV-PG) Kelly Rutherford tells the personal story of her emotional battle for custody of her children, plus Joan Rivers helps a couple get married.
6:30 PM
Cash Cab (TV-PG) Unsuspecting passengers get the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars when they hail an ordinary-looking taxi and answer questions correctly.
7:00 PM
Bones The Man in the Fallout Shelter (TV-14) When the release of a deadly virus forces the team to stay quarantined over Christmas, Brennan reveals a tragic detail about her childhood.
8:00 PM
Bones The Woman at the Airport (TV-14) Brennan and Booth travel to Los Angeles to identify the dismembered corpse of a woman that has been extensively altered by plastic surgery.
9:00 PM
Katie Glamour Women of the Year, Young Men Killing In America (TV-14) A look at the latest killing sprees in America using gun violence; Glamour magazine presents the "Women of the Year"; three women get interview makeovers.
10:00 PM
Entertainment Tonight (TV-PG) The hosts will be interviewing two stars from "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," Jessica Alba and Josh Brolin.
10:30 PM
Dr. Phil A 26-Year Age Divide: Can This Couple Be Saved? (TV-14) Scheduled: a couple says that their five-year, volatile relationship has resulted in jail time for both of them for domestic assault.
11:30 PM
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Sin (TV-14) A preacher becomes the main suspect in a recent murder case, but detectives are led to another suspect after hearing one of his recorded conversations.
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