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Programs for TVW on Monday, November 30, 2015
12:00 AM
Cars.TV North American International Auto Show: Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Chevy (Repeat, TV-PG) A glimpse into the world of automobile technology featuring interviews with people who design, create and collect hot cars.
12:30 AM
Whacked Out Sports (TV-PG) A hot foot; a giant snowball; an old bungee jumper; parallel parking; strip aerobics.
1:00 AM
Whacked Out Videos (TV-14) A compilation of hilarious and often completely bizarre events caught on tape from all over the world are presented with clever voice-over narration.
1:30 AM
Today's Home Remodeler (TV-G) Follow host Stuart Keith through various aspects of home remodeling.
2:00 AM
This Old House Auburndale Project, Part 14 of 16 (TV-G) Tom modifies the staircase so that it is more functional for the home's new open floor plan; a 12-foot-tall birch tree is transplanted into the yard.
2:30 AM
Open House (TV-PG) A coast-to-coast look at the real estate market includes some of the best properties and home improvement tips from various experts in design.
3:00 AM
Fix It & Finish It Sunroom with a View (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A couple with a large family has a sunroom that has gone mostly unused by anyone other than their pets, so Antonio and his team renovate it.
3:30 AM
Flip My Food with Chef Jeff Cabinet Show (Repeat, TV-G) Chef Jeff travels to a cabinet factory to see some new kitchen designs and he shares some recipes, like how to make juicy pork chops and easy spring rolls.
4:00 AM
The Middle Thanksgiving (TV-PG) Frankie finds out that she has to work on the holiday instead of being with her family; Sue's first boyfriend gets approval; Brick is lost in a maze.
4:30 AM
The Middle Thanksgiving II (TV-PG) Mike invites his brother and father to dinner, and Frankie tries to get them to open up; Brick is excited that Bob is bringing his girlfriend; Sue's tradition.
5:00 AM
Forensic Files A Novel Idea (TV-14) A frantic husband relates to the 911 dispatcher how his wife was severely injured by falling down a flight of stairs in their home.
5:30 AM
Fix It & Finish It A Whole Lot of Mulch (TV-G) A woman with a demanding job and a family has let her yard grow out of control, so Antonio and his team take on the task of landscaping and gardening.
6:00 AM
6:30 AM
7:00 AM
News 3 This Morning (encore) A re-broadcast of this morning's news featuring Charlotte Deleste and Haddie McLean.
8:00 AM
News 3 This Morning (encore) A re-broadcast of this morning's news featuring Charlotte Deleste and Haddie McLean.
9:00 AM
Flip My Food with Chef Jeff Junior League (TV-G) Chef Jeff takes the Junior League kitchen tour and creates Orzo Pasta with sweet shrimp, Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, and a Cocoa French Toast dessert.
9:30 AM
Crazy Talk (Repeat) The hosts discuss the importance of size; Milan Christopher from "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" visits the show.
10:00 AM
The Real (TV-PG) Loretta Devine of "Being Mary Jane"; Trina Braxton co-hosts; hosts share their man crushes; hosts surprise a five-year-old who rescued his family from a fire.
11:00 AM
The Wendy Williams Show Reality TV (TV-PG) Kim Fields from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" talks about her decision to join the show and what to expect on the upcoming season.
12:00 PM
Hot Bench Wild Parties and Child Abuse?; Hiker Attacked by Dog! (New, TV-G) A landlord claims that his 10-year-old son started wetting the bed after he was threatened; hiker says she was attacked by German Shephard.
12:30 PM
Hot Bench Meditation Gone Wild!; Tragedy Strikes Mothers (TV-G) A woman says that she does not feel guilty for her violent actions, because she was meditating at the time; two mothers fight over an unpaid loan.
1:00 PM
Divorce Court Sedor vs. Sedor (TV-PG) The actions of a man who claims to have forgiven his wife for mistakes she has made in the past reveal that he has absolutely not forgotten what happened.
1:30 PM
Divorce Court Newcomb vs. Reece (TV-PG) A man recounts the lies and deception which began the day he and his significant other got involved 12 years ago.
2:00 PM
Lauren Lake's Paternity Court Hudson v. Bridges (TV-PG) An Atlanta woman who has sex with many different men whom she met through an online dating app is certain one of two men is the father of her child.
2:30 PM
America's Court with Judge Ross (TV-PG) Former California judge Kevin Ross presides over small claims court cases, offering advice to litigants and explaining the consequences of their transgressions.
3:00 PM
Judge Faith Laptop Shower; Broke My Heart (TV-PG) A woman looks for repayment from her roommate when she ruins her laptop; a woman loans her boyfriend money for a golf tournament, but gets scammed.
3:30 PM
Judge Faith Cougar Bailout (TV-PG) A woman bails a younger man out of jail, and goes on to loan him money while believing they are dating, but he says otherwise, and he never asked for money.
4:00 PM
Crime Watch Daily (New, TV-PG) A "Jane Doe" is identified 33 years later, prompting a hunt for her murderer; new evidence connects "The Zombie Killer" to other crimes in Phoenix.
5:00 PM
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Sound Bodies (TV-14) While investigating a string of murders, the detectives discover an isolated island community where many of the teenagers share a promiscuous sexual lifestyle.
6:00 PM
Forensic Files Sharper Image (TV-14) Police officers arrest the most likely suspect in the murder case of a small girl, but forensic evidence points to a wrongful accusation.
6:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes Murder in the Basement (TV-PG) Years after an actress was murdered, her ex-boyfriend was convicted for pre-meditated murder; former president of Taiwan arrested for accusations of bribery.
7:00 PM
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Torch (TV-14) Stabler and Benson are called to a scene by Stabler's old partner, who believes that two young girl's deaths may be suited to their department.
8:00 PM
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Ace (TV-14) A pregnant woman disappears after being raped, but Benson and Stabler need her testimony to make a case against a potential suspect, and they go undercover.
9:00 PM
The Dr. Oz Show (TV-PG) The world-famous cardiothoracic surgeon and author offers medical advice to his audience and discusses the latest issues in medicine with expert guests.
10:00 PM
Access Hollywood (TV-PG) Highlights of Ryan Gosling on "Saturday Night Live" are shared; the show goes to the set of "Telenova" with Eva Longoria.
10:30 PM
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Untethered (HD, TV-14) Detective Goren plays hardball and goes undercover at an upstate New York mental ward when a young prison inmate is killed at the facility.
11:30 PM
King of the Hill Hillennium (TV-14) Hank's friends and family fear he is losing his mind when his obsession with Y2K begins to take an effect on his behavior towards technology and people.
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